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greetings! affiliates? [May. 30th, 2006|05:06 pm]
Final Fantasy Awards
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Greetings to you, ladies and gents!

This here is yet another little community amongst the 04864+ other Final Fantasy communities out there in the realm of Livejournal.

Now the purpose behind this one; you can nominate your icons and/or icons by others of the highly popular video game/RPG series Final Fantasy (and we're talking about ALLLLL of the games, even the greatly anticipated FF12 & FF13) created by Tetsuya Nomura (with Yoshitaka Amano).

Did you ever happen to come across an icon you felt deserved some form of recognition? Maybe you liked that icon so much, you feel it deserves something. Well then look no further because you've come to the right place!

Below are a few things that you'll need to know before getting started;

- A given; you must be a member to nominate and vote
- Make sure the icons you're nominating belong in the Final Fantasy fandom; not Square-Enix
- Please no hotlinking any of the nominations; you can just as easily upload them to your own image host. Anyone caught hotlinking will be automatically banned from the community
- Please don't nominate yourself for all categories; there is a limit to 3 of your own that you can nominate each week; also you can only nominate 3 icons per icon maker
- Try and nominate in each of the 15 categories, or nominate in a category that doesn't get many nominations
- If you nominate an icon in more than one category, it counts as more than one nomination. If you add more than one icon in one category, it also counts as more than one nomination
- Of course, all icons must fit standard LJ size requirements; 40KB or less, 100x100 or smaller
- Ask permission from the creator of the icon(s) nominated (or won) before using on your own journal; credit, of course
- Only nominate 20 icons per week. We ask this so that we may have more categories, and not be overwhelmed with so many nominations
- Please post the maker's username next to the icons nominated
- Please notify the maker that they are being nominated; awards will be issued to the winners
- We'd ask that you post your nominations behind an LJ-cut to save stress to those who have the community watched (and save space on the friends lists), however ... we don't believe everyone will look behind an LJ-cut for the chosen nominees (yes, unfortunately, some of us are really that lazy); we're going to ask that you do use an LJ-cut, HOWEVER ... post a few as a preview, and then the rest of your nominations for the categories left over, you would post behind the LJ-cut
- So we can keep track of the icons that have won (and that you aren't just reposting them) in the past, we will have a specific post set up that you can check; think of it as ... the Hall of Fame? It will be dubbed The Lifestream.

--category titles coming very soon!--
-- Best Overall Icon
-- Best Male Character Icon
-- Best Female Character Icon
-- Best Main Hero/Heroine Icon
-- Best Villian/Dark Icon
-- Best Pairing/'Shipper' Icon
-- Best Emotional Icon
-- Best Comical Icon
-- Best Use of Official Art
-- Best Complex Icon
-- Best Use of Text
-- Best Textless Icon
-- Best Use of Color
-- Best Use of Cropping
-- Best Black & White Icon

Timeline (Central)
Nominations begin Sunday evening and will run until Friday evening; you have two weeks to get in your nominations
Voting will be held Friday evening and end Sunday evening
Winners will be announced on Monday

- There will be a post for voting at the end of every two weeks; that is where you will fill out the poll, and leave any questions, concerns, or extra notes. Comments will be screened! The cut title will be seen as: J-E-N-O-V-A.
- We must stress this; please do not vote for your own icon! If you find you are nominated in a category; do not vote in that category. There will be an option called 'Nominee', you will choose that if you are nominated, but only in the category you see your name for as a nominee. Make sense? If you have any further questions concerning this, don't hesitate to ask. :] Please, any who do not follow this rule, you will be warned; one warning only. If we find that you've voted for yourself after we specifically gave you the warning, you will be banned, and the icon(s) you have running will be disqualified. ♥

We're currently seeking affiliates, so if you're interested and have a community or two that is Final Fantasy related or even icon awards related, pop a message to this post and we'll have you added ASAP. 8DD

Start thinking about who you'd want to nominate in the first round, everyone! And remember, you can even nominate your own icons (with a limit of 3, of course)!

And because we have the categories all set and ready to go, minus titles, the nominations are open, so feel free to begin nominating anytime. ♥

[User Picture]From: luke_delacour
2006-07-19 02:43 pm (UTC)
Hi ^^ I was wondering if you'd affiliate with ffxii_dream It's a FFXII Graphic community. It's very new :)
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